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                                        Meet our family — a collection of creative companies and people who have joined us over the years.

                                        Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries

                                        Hormel Foods includes a number of subsidiaries that market their products under separate brand names. Though it might not be obvious that these names are part of our family of companies, their quality and innovation leave no doubt.

                                        Founded 1987 | Acquired 2015

                                        Applegate Farms, LLC.
                                        Bridgewater, NJ

                                        The No. 1 brand in the natural and organic prepared-meats category

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 1974 | Acquired 2007

                                        Burke Marketing Corp.
                                        Nevada, Iowa

                                        High-quality meats and pizza toppings in foodservice & prepared-foods

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 1932 | Acquired 2017

                                        Cidade do Sol

                                        More than 70 products in 15 categories including authentic meats

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 1917 | Acquired 2017

                                        Columbus Manufacturing
                                        Oakland, Calif.

                                        The most widely distributed deli brand in the US

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 1986 | Acquired 1991

                                        Dan’s Prize, Inc.
                                        Gainesville, GA.

                                        Producers of cooked meats for foodservice and deli operators

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 1960 | Acquired 2017

                                        Fontanini Italian Meats
                                        McCook, Ill.

                                        Specializes in authentic Italian meats, sausages, and premium meat products

                                        Company Profile
                                        Established 1917 | Started Exploring Internationally 1967

                                        Hormel Foods International
                                        Austin, Minn.

                                        Exports products to more than 60 countries

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 1940 | Acquired 1986

                                        Jennie-O Turkey Store
                                        Willmar, Minn.

                                        One of the largest producers of turkey products in the nation

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 2004 | Acquired 2016

                                        Justin’s, LLC.
                                        Boulder, Colo.

                                        A pioneer in natural, nut-butter-based products

                                        Company Profile
                                        Founded 1948 | Acquired 2020

                                        Sadler’s Smokehouse
                                        Henderson, Texas

                                        Artisans skilled in authentic, pit-smoked premium meats

                                        Company Profile

                                        Joint Ventures

                                        When we find a like-minded partner with a product or skill set that enriches ours, one way of capitalizing on the relationship is to form a joint venture. The arrangement allows both companies to retain their identities while we work collaboratively on a new, innovative offering.

                                        Founded 2009 | Entered into Joint Venture 2009

                                        MegaMex Foods, LLC.
                                        Orange, Calif.

                                        Offers a wide variety of Mexican food products and ingredients in the United States

                                        Company Profile